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The pallet management solution you need to run your business smoothly. We have thousands of pallets in stock, and can custom build to your specifications. Contact (needs link)us for a free consultation and discover how we can effectively help you with your shipping and storage, so that you can better concentrate on your core business.

Just Pallets and Crates has spent many years diligently serving our customers' needs with our experienced workers, extensive products, and top of the line service. Our experience in the field puts us above other pallet manufacturers and allows us to better cater to your needs. (needs a link so you can click on the word) or contact us.


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We have the following sizes in stock and ready to go.

48x40 As 48x40 Bs 48x48 40X48 36x36 30x30 44x44 42x42 24x24 Custom Crates

Heat treated pallets are available upon request. We also specialize in custom orders, backed by years of experience and specialized pallet machinery.


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